Friday, July 29, 2022

Kayaking Hósvík 2022-07-27

Kayaking north from Hósvík, hoping to see the sun set at north northwest.

Well, the sun did at least disappear.

Current was going against us at 3 knots under the bridge. When the waves that met the current got a bit choppy, we turned south, well before the bridge.  Probably before the current reached a knot. (Most of the route had absolutesly no current.)
(map from Rák)

Kayak Coffee taken at Grønhólmur (lit. Green Islet):
(Google Maps has the islet in a slightly different position—please ignore it.)

Distance covered was more than expected: about 13 km:

The weather station at Streymnes reported about 5 m/s, with gusts up to 13 m/s. I don't think we were ever hit by more than 10 m/s, and am happy about that.

Sorry — no photos. The GoPro forgotten in the car, and isn't much good at dusk anyway.

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