Saturday, July 19, 2008

Norway Tour 2008

Vi er i Norge fra 22.juli til 19.august 2008. Netcom har inndratt de norske telefonnumrene våre. Den første dagen kan vi nok nås på mammas, 98064492. Når vi får nye, fortrinnsvis fra en annen leverandør(Chess?), prøver vi å oppdatere på lenkene i bunnen av brevet. Trolig i Trøndelag første uka i august.

We're in Norway from July 22 to August 19 2008. Our old Norwgian mobile numbers have been cancelled. The first day we can probably be reached on my mother's phone, +47 98064492. Will probably be in Trøndelag the first week of August.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

747 fire plane - stupid idea of the year

The Evergreen 747 is a 747 converted to fire fighting.

It's main force is the ability to land fully loaded with water. Thus, it doesn't have to dump the water when it returns, having failed to find the fire. Obviously an important scenario.

It's weakness is exposed in the following quote: "provided refilling options and landing zones are available". What is the practical capacity of the thing, if it has to transit to a 747 capable airport to refill the water tank?