Monday, May 30, 2022

Getting an angry Flick mail, and being blocked before I could send a more or less polite reply.

 I received the following Flickr message, in triplicate:

On 29 May 22, 4.19PM BST Harry Espotterr. said:

Hello Jan Egil, you are one maricona.

Métete tu grupo de los faros, lighthouse, en los huevos, o te lo comes con papas asas.Tiene fotos muy falsas, con muchos trucajes y retoques, totalmente alteradas.Una mierda de grupo.

Before I could send the following answer, I was blocked. Needless to say, that pissed me off a bit.

I suppose I have rejected one of your lighthouse shots. If I have, it is because I want to see the light from the lamp in the lighthouse, preferably on a dark but not black background. 

To achieve that, I actually encourage some HDR 'fakes', to make the dark landscape visible, and still not overexpose the light. I also accept illustration, be it watercolors or second life screenshots. 

But I don't want e.g. light rays drawn on a photo. 

If you still have concerns about fake images in the group, please send me links.

BTW, regardless of my sexual orientation, I don't think you should use 'maricona' to express negative feelings.

Best regards
Jan Egil Kristiansen

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