Friday, June 3, 2011

Sharepoint user interface

Sharepoint UI is glaringly inconsistent (or 'cloudy', to use a buzzword.)

One example. I want to create a new document in a library, so I click "Add document" below the document list. But there I can add existing documents, not create new ones. Stupid, but Sharepoint can't create new documents? I have to create one on my desktop, then move it to Sharepoint?

But no, if I click "Documents" below "Library Tools" in the ribbon, I find a "New Document" drop-down. Just what I need, but the link is hidden while i browse the library.

Now, I don't mind that there are different ways to access the same function. But in this case, the link that's easy to find contains less options than the hidden one. That's plain evil - with designers like that, who needs enemies?