Saturday, August 23, 2008

I have seen my first green flash

The green flash is real!
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I saw my first green flash aboard the Norrøna north of Scotland at sunset 2008-08-20. I was of course too slow to photograph it, so I blog somebody else's photo. (Didn't even have time to call Knut jørgen.)


Unknown said...

Check out The Green Ray by Jules Verne, translated by Karen Loukes and published by Luath Press Ltd. It's a newly discovered classic with great descriptions of the green flash. An excellent book!

Unknown said...

Green flash , wht is it ?

Unknown said...

The density gradient in the atmosphere acts like a prism, refracting the thin sliver of sunlight into a rainbow. We see the green slice of the spectrum at this instant because the red is refracted away and the blue is scattered away, leaving green. - Hmmmm.......why is the red refracted away ? and the blue scattered away ? I know nothing about this , but , I do know that if you gaze long enough on a red spot a green one will appear , it's a gestalt "law" , about perception ...Hmm..