Thursday, June 26, 2008

Strange harbour layout

Stóra verkætlanin á bryggjuni í Havn shows a bridge that is closing the port to the yachts that are shown in the plan. The right end of that bridge lands in an area that is not very accessible to cars. The ancient city center, Tinganes, looking forest green? While the planned buildings are no more ugly than the existing ones, they seem to isolate the city from the sea about as badly as the existing anti-terror fence. Speaking of the fence - where is the anti-terror border planned here? Presently, we can check in to Norrøna outside the fence in Tórshavn, which is a blessing. Unlike Bergen, where you will be held captive in the 'safe' zone once you have checked in. (Rain or sun, a parking lot is not where you want to spend your last couple of hours in Bergen.)

Snøhetta? Slanting roofs inspired by the Oslo opera?

There is a white triangle in the upper left corner of the image. One thing is for sure: There is nothing but sea there. My guess is that this is supposed to be the horizon - that whatever modeling software was used has to represent the horizon as if it is a specific place. You know, the edge that pre-Columbian sailors supposedly were afraid of. That is probably The End of the World in that upper left corner.

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