Sunday, June 10, 2018

Some resources for visiting Mykines.

Some links about Mykines. But first, I'll have to disclose my ulterior motives: Many visitors do not know that they have to pay an online fee to walk outside of the village. That causes not only trouble for me—it causes trouble for them too.

You get to the Mykines island by  helicopter or ferry You can also hire helicopter or boat. Bus 300 goes to the ferry terminal.

Then—unless you intend to spend the entire day in the café—you go to and click Visit Mykines, or directly to the payment page. More information at Guidelines for Mykines.


  • Stay on the path where the puffins live
  • Close gates behind your.
  • Do not litter.
  • Drones are not allowed.
  • Please see Guidelines for Mykines.
The weather forecast, weather observations and a webcam showing conditions at the port. Even wave heights.

Guiding services:
The best map to use in the Faroe Islands is OpenStreetMap, that means that I recommend the apps Osmand+ and The local map is also useful.

Bird names: